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GRUPPO SINESTETICO (Albertin , Sassu , Scordo)
Data di Pubblicazione martedì 23 settembre 2008

Quando: dal 20 September al 30 November 2008
Dove: Liverpool Biennial Indipendents HeadSpace - Liverpool (UK)

Online Exhibition
In Association with Liverpool Biennial Independents
Curated by HeadSpace
Open Group Exhibition, Interactive Artwork & Continuous Onlines
In Association with Liverpool Biennial Independents
Curated by HeadSpace

Group Show
Curated by HeadSpace

Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture has been a huge success with visitor numbers exceeding all expectations – recently almost 200,000 people paid to see the Klimt exhibition at Tate Liverpool and despite the doom and gloom visitor numbers are up and above projected figures for all galleries and venues in Liverpool.

There is still time to get involved and benefit from being associated with this year’s biggest arts event, The Independents Liverpool Biennial, either as a sponsor or by placing an advert in the Independents Guide, Map & Listings leaflet or on the website.

With over 168 exhibitions confirmed at 68 venues, over 300 artists contributing work and over 400,000 visits to exhibitions expected during the 10 week Biennial, the Festival will achieve considerable press and media coverage and provide many exciting and unique opportunities for those who wish to become sponsors or advertisers.

Major sponsors already involved and committed to the Independents Liverpool Biennial include the Arts Council, PH Holt Charitable Trust, Barclays Bank, Tesco, NOVAS Contemporary Urban Centre and Freehand Design & Marketing and others.

The Biennial includes various elements including the Independents Liverpool Biennial which is by far the largest, in terms of participating artists and number of exhibitions taking place. Artists from across the world have submitted work and even Tracey Emin has joined the Independents with her installation at the Liverpool Cathedral.

The Arts Council provide limited funding but as we have so many artists and venues committed to being part of this year’s Independents Biennial we now need to find additional funding to cover the costs of the larger venues and promotional requirements that have resulted from this success.

We had planned to produced 20,000 Guides and 50,000 Leaflets but given the increased number of venues participating, we would like to print even more. The Independents Liverpool Biennial is almost completely free and will be the largest arts event of 2008. It is also the last major event in Liverpool’s Year as European Capital of Culture.

If your business is looking to raise its profile we believe the 10 week Independents Liverpool Biennial could provide many opportunities for your business and provide it with a Capital of Culture legacy which will last well beyond 2008.

If you wish to take advantage of one of the following opportunities please contact me as soon as possible as the deadlines are fast approaching.

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