Art for Peace Istanbul - Turkey
Sassu Antonio Grupposinestetico
Data di Pubblicazione mercoledì 23 settembre 2009

Quando From 23 Sep to 15 Oct 2009
Orari From 9.00am - 18.30 Mon Closed
Dove Besiktas - Istambul

As an artist initiative "The Worldwide Artists For Peace International Art Action Project” has been created, in February 2008.
ISTANBUL, a world city, connecting two old continents with its wide cultural mosaics, has been chosen as the first art action place. 67 Artists from 26 countries will take part in the first Art Action for Peace, involving 7 visual art disciplines; painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, digital and performance. The action schedule, consisting of visual fine arts exhibitions, video and performance shows at three different art places; Dolmabahçe Art Gallery, House of Photography, Istanbul Photography Center. The Art Action will begin on 26th of September 2009 and end on 15th of October 2009. ”ART FOR PEACE” Each artist is a “peace-artist” who devotes oneself to art… Art is the conjunction point of the paths opening to “the World Peace” and the luminous face of peace…Art lets heat, color, feel, think and inquire. It is an atmosphere, where the balance and communication between the internal and external worlds will be scrutinized and commented, within the aesthetic solutions can be embraced.
Peace is a concept which we imagine as a harmony of the life… The Art looks for beauty, harmony and brings human-being towards freedom.
The ART and PEACE are intensively one within the other. Peace is with art, art is in peace!!… Having been originated from different cultures, we unified our experiences on the concept of “ART for PEACE” to realize the first step of this project in Istanbul.
"Artists for Peace" argue; to have friendship, brother - sisterhood and peace between multi-cultures and to create the peace will not be just a
dream, but instead, a necessity and reality of being an artist and human. Our art action for peace is a concrete and real indicator of our togetherness, which started at virtual domain. We insist on upgrading this “Ship of Peace”, which will depart from Istanbul Bosphorus, to a
“Fleet of Peace”, by participating more "Artists for Peace" from all over the world and we say “welcome !” to everyone and every institution,
who wants to support our initiative. ARTISTS FOR PEACE ART ACTION exhibit the art works, created in active attitude against the destruction and nonsense of violence and war. The action present by emphasizing the necessity of love, friendship, solidarity, human rights, pluralistic communication between different cultures, respect and tolerance to each other and ART FOR PEACE!!! We say ; NO to VIOLENCE and WAR!!! , YES to ART and PEACE !!! Sevgi ÜRÜM, Curator & Organizer of W-AFPIAAP-ISTANBUL2009.

Alberto D-ASSUMPCAO / PORTUGAL- Painting, Alberto OLIVEIRA / BRAZIL – Digital Art, Alexandros DIMITRIADIS / GREECE– Digital Art, Alexey RUBANOV / UKRAINE - Painting, Andrew RAPUTO / RUSSIAN FEDERATION- Painting, Apostolos KOTOULAS / GREECE- Painting, Aylin MENEKŞE / TURKEY- Painting, Beate GOERDES / GERMANY – Video Art, Boris KADIN / CROATIA - Performance&Installation, Bülent GÖNCÜ / TURKEY - Painting, Carla GOLDBERG / USA - Painting, Carla LENSEN / THE NETHERLANDS- Painting, Caterina DROSSOPOULOU/ GREECE - Painting, Catherine PETRE / BELGIUM - Painting, Charidimos LOUVROS / GREECE - Photography, Daniel BALANESCU / ROMANIA- Video Art, Dimitris Vogdanis DANIS / GREECE- Performance, Elif Okur TOLUN/ TURKEY- Painting, Evrensel ÜRÜM / TURKEY -Painting&Performance, Fatma ATİK / TURKEY- Painting, Feabrik- MUSIC&ARTGroup/SERBIA- Music & Performance, Gerard KELLY/ CANADA – Sculpture&Painting, Gökhan TEMİZEL / TURKEY - Painting, Gruppo SINESTETICO / ITALY- Video Art, Günay ARAL / TURKEY- Painting, Güneş ŞAHİN / TURKEY- Painting, Heinz-Josef MESS / GERMANY- Painting, Irina QUINTELA / PORTUGAL- Photography, İpek TERZİ / TURKEY- Installation, İskan KAZAK / TURKEY- Photography, Joas Sebastian NEBE / GERMANY- Video Art, Klara KOITLER / GERMANY- Painting
Margareth DEGELING / THE NETHERLANDS - Installation, Marjanca LAPAJNE / SLOVENIA- Painting, Marsha LIEBERMAN / USA- Painting
Meral AĞAR / TURKEY- Painting, Neco BETH / SPAIN- Painting, Neil HOWE / AUSTRALIA- Video & Digital Art, Olavo TENORIO / BRAZIL – Video Art & Animation, Oliver STAHMANN / GERMANY- Photography, Paul LORENZ / USA- Painting, Pembenur G. ATASAYAR/ Turkey- Installation&Painting, Peter MAKROPOULOS / GREECE- Painting, Pia Baechler- LEHMANN / SWITZERLAND- Painting, Rob ELPHINSTONE / CANADA - Painting, Rosemary GOLCHER / COSTA RICA- Digital Art, Roula SOROUR / UNITED KINGDOM- Video Art, Selçuk DURAN / TURKEY– Video Art, Selime DEMİRURAL / TURKEY - Sculpture&installation, Sevcan ÇERKEZ / TRNC-CYPRUS - Sculpture, Sevgi ÜRÜM / TURKEY – Installation&Painting, Sylvy V.BOCHOVE/TheNETHERLANDSVideo&Photography, Şule GÖL / TURKEY – Dance Performance, Thom ROSLAN / USA- Digital Art, Tomi DENDRINOU / GREECE - Performance, Tülay ÇAKIR / TURKEY – Sculpture& Digital Art, Tümay GÜNAYDIN / TURKEY- Painting&Sculpture, Vassilios LOIS / GREECE - Painting, Veselin VUKCEVIC / MONTENEGRO - Painting.

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