London Biennale 2010
Sassu Antonio Grupposinestetico
Data di Pubblicazione luned́ 3 maggio 2010

Quando from 1 May to 30 August 2010
Dove Soho Square - London UK

from 6 p.m. onwards on the same day (May 1, 2010): CONGENIAL CONVERSATIONS IN THE ANGEL PUB beside St. Giles Church, behind the tall Centre Point Building on Tottenham Court Road in Central London.
Dear Friends, Warm greetings!
Come and bring friends to the opening of LONDON BIENNALE 2010 on the First of May at 5 p.m. at Soho Square in Central London. Adam Nankervis, our international coordinator and the intrepid director of the nomadic MUSEUM MAN, will deliver the welcome address. After we welcome each other and exchange information about our diverse artistic activities and projects, we will take a short walk to the ANGEL PUB (beside St. Giles Church, behind the tall Centre Point building on Tottenham Court Road). In the saloon bar and in the garden of the Angel Pub we will conitnue our congenial conversations. Please bring with you cameras and darwing materials to document this event. LONDON BIENNALE 2010 will run until the end of August this year. There will be many events and exhibitions. Maddy and James Kinghorn will bring a group of artists from Barcelona, Spain to London. Mabel Encinas is organising events in homage to Brazilian educator Paulo Freire during the Latin American Cultural Week at the University of London's Student Uniion from 17 to the 20th of May 2010. Stephen Perkins, from the University of Wisconsin, will bring to England a group of American artists. Marko Stepanov will host a poetry recital organised by Sarah O'Reilly at Marko's bucolic allotment at West Hendon. Katie Sollohub will host another "Long Shore Drift" on the first week-end in August at Shore-on-Sea in Sussex. There will also be many international satellite events celebrating LONDON BIENNALE 2010 including: A tea party which Mary Sherman will organise with Trans-Cultural Exchange at the Taj Mahal Hotel and Cafe in Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Exhibitions and events which Dominic Cloutier will organise with the Hybrid Art Collective in New York City;
'SIGNALS' events in Berlin, Germany, and Kiev, Ukraine.
I would like to invite all LONDON BIENNALE ARTISTS (including Claudia Wegener in South Africa, Valerie Vivancos in Paris, Peter Oxley and Virgil Clalaguian in Cambodia, Raffaella Losapio and Vicenzo Ceccato in Rome, Antonio Sassu in Padova Gruppo Sinestetico, Nino Ruju in Naples, Roberto Scala in Sorrento, the Moraldi Art Conspiracy in Cremona, Martino Negrei in Florence, Joyce Rykman and Nasncy Petry in Montreal, Trolley in Vancouver, Rino Telaro and Michael Laird in Belgium, Sebastiaan Schliocher in Holland, and many others world-wide) to initiate satellite events/exhibitions wherever they are. Please send me your new EROS ARROWS to my address below. Please E mail your EROS ARROW also to the LONDON BIENNALE Page in FACEBOOK. Best wishes from David Medalla, 11 Naseby, Hanworth, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 7HD, Englland.

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